Bikes grow more popular each day and therefore so does the need for servicing, which is why we need to book your bike in for its service, allowing us to manage our customers as efficiently as possible.

Your bike must be with us by 10.30am on the day of its service. If you would like to drop your bike in prior to that day please mention this at the time of booking it in. 

Your bike should be back to you on the same day as long as there are no unforeseen issues. We will do our best to call you with a full quote prior to work beginning- this ensures you get a realistic price and not a guesstimate. When your bike arrives on site one of our staff will take some contact details from you and please make sure you can be reached on these details on that day as we will not carry out work that has not been authorised and this could lead to your bike not being ready in time for collection.


Basic bike service £40.00 (exclusive of parts)

  • Visual check for major problems

  • Check all cables and outers for wear or damage. Check and tighten headset (not removed or greased)

  • Gears checked for correct indexing and chain lubricated

  • Brakes checked for correct operation and pad wear

  • Bolts checked and tightened including crank bolts

  • Tyres checked for damage and inflated to the correct pressure
  • Wipe down frame and visually check for damage, cracks and miss-alignment

Major bike service £160.00 (including new cables and bar tape as required)
As above but includes full strip-down of bike/chainset/headset/bottom bracket and wheel hubs.

Any other projects £40 per hour

Bike fit £25-£50
Please call for details of our specialist bike fitting system.

If you have a specific job you need doing please call for an accurate quotation.

Note: with all the different suspension systems on MTB and other bikes, certain systems need to be sent away to be serviced and these servicing times are out of our hands so you will need to bear with us!